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We know our products are amazing, but don't just take out word on it! Read what others have to say about Jodee's and we hope you'll join in the praise via our Twitter feed, Facebook fan page or face-to-face at the shop..we'd love to see you!

Jodee’s Raw Desserts: Delicious decadence in Greenlake​


I learned about Jodee’s Raw Desserts, as with so many good things around Seattle, from a blog post on Vegan Score.

Annika nailed her write-up and also paid more attention to things other than the samples I was swooning over, so I’ll leave you in her capable hands for the details. I will simply add that the four different pies I tasted yesterday (three were only tastes, I swear!) were all phenomenal, and I’ll give you some more pictures to look at to encourage you to go try these delights for yourself. more...


Egg-free Pumpkin Pie at Jodee's Desserts in Greenlake


Thanksgiving seems like it was weeks ago. Somewhere in the whirlwind of the past days, there was a feast with family, and time spent playing the piano with my three year old niece. Mountains of dishes and dishes of leftovers. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful, and nary an element made me ill because the cooking was done with extraordinary care. But for me, this year, there was no pie.

One morning, nearer the beginning of November, I woke up craving pumpkin pie. more...

Featured Gluten Free Seattle Pie Maker – Jodee’s Desserts


One of my favorite pie spots in Seattle is a nice gluten free dessert pie shop called Jodee’s Desserts. Not only are they gluten free, they are dairy free, and low-glycemic as well. Everything is made out of coconut, fruits, and veggies, all blended and uncooked.

My favorite items are the carrot cake, pumpkin pie, key lime pie, banana cream pie, and Tiramisu. They also have chocolate mousse pie, chocolate cherry pie, chocolate malt pie, pecan praline pie, peppermint patty pie, and other seasonal flavors. more...


Jodee's Desserts


In the world of sweets there are options at every corner, from donuts to ice cream to cakes and cookies. However, if you suffer from food allergies, you soon realize that the options to cure your sweet tooth may be far and few between. Luckily for those of us living in Seattle, Jodee's Desserts in Greenlake offers a variety of delicious organic choices, including wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-glycemic desserts made from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients. more...

Rah! Raw! Go Vegan Greenlake Go!


Many of you may have already heard about Jodee's Fresh and Organic Desserts - a shop that opened in mid February on the east side of Greenlake. The story was broken wide open by the radsters over at My Greenlake, one of the best neighborhood blogs around (I am not just saying that because I sometimes guest post over there, really). Those of you who are expert raw chefs (I'm looking at you Bitt), probably won't find this story that interesting, but for everyone else, Jodee's may be a revelation. more...​​​​


A peek inside Green Lake’s future organic bakery, Jodee’s Desserts


Nestled between Mockingbird Books and the green lake florist, this location was completely gutted by an electrical fire in March.  Restoration work began this summer.  Bakery owners Butch Capo and Jodee Capo estimate that they will be opening their doors in late November.

The bakery will sell fresh and organic desserts that are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, GMOs, refined sugars, chemicals, preservatives, and fillers. The unbaked treats will be made by Jodee, who is a certified Living Light Chef. more...


Savor this! Eight top chefs, bakers, and innovators bring spicy, nutty, fruity, herbal, and salty flavors to the party 


Eight top chefs, bakers, and innovators bring spicy, nutty, fruity, herbal, and salty flavors to the party | Photographs by Dennis Wise. more...


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