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Catering for Every Special Ocassion

Organic and Local Catering By Jodee's

Our catering services are as wonderful as our desserts. Everything is made with high quality ingredients executed with care in production and attention to detail. From weddings, to family events, or corporate functions our food is your only choice when health, flavor and enjoyment are your top concerns.​

Jodee's offers gluten free, low glycemic and organic and local sweets and items for numerous events. From simple orders to large scale events we have the ability to turn any of our pie selections into bite-sized morsels for buttlered service or stationary platters.​ As stand alone items or to supplement the dietary needs of guests with special dietary concerns, we have just what you need.

​Call us today to see how we can make your event even more memorable with our unique and healthy catering options.

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