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Whimsical Elegance on a Fork

About Jodee's

Jodee’s is a unique sweet shop located in the north end of the Green Lake neighborhood in Seattle, WA which is run by co-owner and chef, Jodee Capo.  We serve hand-made Organic and Local, Gluten-Free, Vegan, desserts. You will find the atmosphere to be bright, colorful and always welcoming!

We offer a relatively new method of food preparation for creating delicious nutritious desserts that support mind, body and taste buds.  We call it “Fresh Blended” since there is no baking necessary with any of the products we make. We also dehydrate many of our treats at a low temperature, under 118%, which helps to lock in enzymes, oxygen and other nutrients.

Our ingredients are comprised of a large selection of specialty organic, local and fair trade products that come from all over the globe.  Some of these include, coconut meat, coconut oils, exotic spices, mineral salts, raw cacao (chocolate), tropical nuts, seeds and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Our sweeteners are unrefined or raw which helps maintain more nutrient content and keeps them lower on the glycemic index.

For our coffee selections we are proud to serve Organic Stumptown Cold Brew coffees.  Our Cold Brew is a great for those who like a low acid option.  In addition you have a great selection of our freshly made daily milks, which include organic almond and hempseed; all of which are made in-house.

At Jodee’s, we love having the ability to meet a wide variety of individual tastes and diet styles. Feel free to inquire about our custom-made whole "Cheese" Cakes and desserts for the health conscious and allergen sensitive.

We look forward to serving you!

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