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Gluten-free ~ Dairy-free ~ Vegan ~ Sugar-free ~ Paleo ~ Ketogenic

Organic desserts, custom made for your eating style

A new concept: Fresh Blended

At Jodee's we know that quality and love are important when it comes to preparing organic food.  We have a deep commitment to our customers, their good health and their well being so we use only the freshest, healthiest ingredients possible.  We invite you to experience the difference of this new style, what we call "Fresh Blended", throughout all of our desserts creations.  Whether you are struggling with food sensitivities, or not, there are many delicious options waiting for you at Jodee’s.

Organic "Cheese" Cakes & Sweets

Always vegan, gluten & dairy free

Our "cheese" cakes and sweets are handmade in-house using the best organic ingredients possible.  Our method of preparing "Fresh Blended" (no baking necessary) desserts creates a creamy and delicious product free of gluten, dairy, wheat, refined sugars, trans fats, and artificial colorings.​

Fresh Organic Smoothies

Cool, creamy and made with organic and local ingredients

Using only the best fresh and local and organic frozen fruits and fresh vegetables, we create a nutritious meal in a cup.  Come and enjoy one of our many smoothie combinations or create your own!  Whatever you choose, it will always be made from nature’s gift of whole fruits and vegetables, with no additives or fillers.

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